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A short-hand version of the <run-subprojects> task for the execution of an artifact.

Like the <run-subprojects>, this can be run outside a target. This differs in behavior from the <subprojects> task, which adds the ability to declare a target as having a dependency on another project.

Since Antlion 0.7.0

Attribute Description Required
artifact The reference ID of the artifact. Yes, if refid is not specified.
refid The reference ID of the artifact (an alias for artifact. Yes, if artifact is not specified
buildif Allows for setting the conditions for invoking the artifact's builder, by checking the artifact. The possible values include:
  • always Always run the artifact's build.
  • not-exists If the artifact can't be found, then run the artifact's build.
  • out-of-date (default) If the artifact can't be found, or if its date-timestamp is less than any of its sources, then run the artifact's build. If the artifact provides no source list, then it only checks for the existence of the artifact.
  • depends-out-of-date (since Antlion 0.9.0) This is similar to the out-of-date setting, except that it checks both the <src> and <depends> contents for being out-of-date. Note that this does not recursively start dependent artifact builds. It only checks if any of the dependencies have been altered since the last build for the current artifact.
No (defaults to "out-of-date")

<create-artifact artifact="x.artifact" />
Executes the build description for the artifact with the id "x.artifact". This will run the build for that artifact only if the source is out-of-date with the artifact.
<create-artifact artifact="x.artifact"
    buildIf="not-exists" />
Executes the build description for the artifact with the id "x.artifact" only if the artifact does not exist; it does not check if the source files are out-of-date with the artifact.

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