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Contributing To The Antlion Project

You can contribute to The Antlion Project in many different ways. All help is appreciated.

Join the Chatter

Join the conversations about Antlion over at the mailing list.

Submit Bugs

Submitting bugs is probably the easiest way to contribute. If you find a problem in the code, submit a bug to the bug database. Our friendly support engineers will get on the issue right away!

Your bugs don't have to be on the code. You can also submit bugs on the documentation, if it doesn't match the code's behavior.

Once you submit a bug, you'll want to submit patches for that bug, as well. You will need to:

  1. download the latest source from CVS, and get Antlion building (see this document for details);
  2. add a unit test showing the bug;
  3. fix the source, and rerun the build to ensure that no unit tests fail;
  4. if the fix means a change to the documentation, then that needs to be altered as well.
Patches to existing files should be generated with cvs diff -u filename, and save the output to a file. If you want to get the changes made to multiple files in a directory, just use cvs diff -u. Then, Tar and GZip the patch file, as well as any new files that you have added.

[ NOTE: there isn't a formal procedure for submitting patches yet. ATM, I'll use the sourceforge provided patch tracker page. ]

Become a Developer

Those individuals who prove their mettle in terms of submitting patches or new experiments can be invited to be a developer. As a developer, you'll have write access to the CVS repository.

Add an Experiment

Do you have an interesting approach to dealing with the resource and dependecy problems? Submit a proposal to the mailing list, and you might be given some space to work on it. All experiments must be under the Apache license, and must conform to the coding standards of the site.


Do you really like Antlion so much that you want to donate? The Antlion Project takes donations in the form of patches. However, if you'd like to send money, may we suggest The Apache Foundation, a non-profit organization which hosts the Apache Ant project.

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