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Antlion version 0.9.0 has been released. Here's what was changed in 0.9.0 from 0.8.0:

  • Added a new processor, derived-attribute, which creates an attribute from existing attributes based on a format text.
  • Fixed bug 1380211: URLRepository only checks first format in cache. This required refactoring the abstract finders to better support custom discovery methods and multiple discovery methods.
  • Added ability in URLRepository to allow for multiple file validators, which deprecated a few methods in the URLFinder class.
  • Added an alias for dynamic-attribute processor called property-attribute, to avoid confusion with the new derived-attribute processor.
  • Refactored RepositorySet to correctly load repositories using the Antlion known name, rather than specifying every default type name as a method.
  • Added format strings to Path, Fileset, and Filelist processors for specifying the ID generation.
  • Deepened the finder chain to have easier custom repository / finder implementations.
  • Refactored the Download methods and validators to better support abstract types of download protocols.
  • Added new condition for artifact builds: "depends-out-of-date". This will cause the artifact to be built if the source or any of the dependencies are more recent than the artifact's file.
  • Corrected the spelling of MD5 validator "extension" attribute. The old method still exists, but is deprecated.
  • Added MD5 validator documentation.
  • Refactored FilelistProcessor and FilesetProcessor to eliminate duplicated code.
  • Refactored the AbstractCachedFormattedFinder and AbstractFormattedFinder into AbstractCachedFormatFinder and AbstractFormatFinder. The old versions now delegate to the new versions. Also, the old versions are now deprecated, and the cached one may not work correctly. Please upgrade as soon as possible.

Antlion finished its last release before starting the move to version 1.0, in which the deprecated abilities and uses will be removed. Here's the current release schedule:

Release Schedule
Date Version Status
2006-Apr-?? 1.0.0 Planned
2006-Mar-?? 1.0.0rc1 Planned
2005-Feb-04 0.9.0 Finished
2005-Dec-02 0.8.0 Finished
2005-Oct-27 0.7.0 Finished
2005-Sep-29 0.6.0 Finished
2005-Sep-04 0.5.0 Finished
2005-Feb-20 0.4.0 Finished
2005-Jan-21 0.3.2 Finished
2005-Jan-20 0.3.1 Finished
2005-Jan-09 0.3.0 Finished
2004-Nov-15 0.2.1 Finished
2004-Oct-12 0.2.0 Finished
2004-Sep-28 0.1.0 Finished
2004-Sep-09 0.E.0 Finished
0.D.3 Removed from plan
2004-Aug-08 0.D.2 Finished
2004-Aug-05 0.D.1 Finished

Future Features

Antlion is stable and usable as-is, but it isn't finished. The major pieces in the tool left to be written are for simplifying its use, and for capability to import other tools' definitions. What follows is a grocery list of remaining items, along with the expected release date for them.

Feature Planned Release
Add a new virtual file system repository (patch by Alban Peignier). 1.0.0rc1
Remove deprecated tags and attributes, and update documentation such that it looks from 1.0.0 forward. 1.0.0rc1
Add optional repositories for various source control tools. 1.0.0rc1
Create J2EE how-to guide. 1.0.0
Add task to import a Maven and Maven-2 POM file and create the Antlion-like structures based on its dependency definition. post 1.0.0
Add task to import a Savant library definition file and create the Antlion-like structures based on its definition. post 1.0.0

If you think you can help out with any of these, please see the page regarding contributions.

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